Affordable Fine Dining Edinburgh – 3 courses under £35

Set table at the gothic Secret Garden room in The Witchery restaurant in Edinburgh

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Looking for 5-star dining experiences on a backpacker’s budget? With a bit of research and precise timings, it is possible. Keep reading to find out our secret to affordable fine dining in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh’s Affordable Fine Dining Restaurants

As a penchant for all things sparkly and glittery, my luxurious desires are halted as a true Scotsman controls my purse strings.

As a lady who lunches, I frequently hunt down the best deals so my best friend and I can enjoy quality and unique plates without breaking the bank.

You can eat lunch at these establishments for under £35. Yes, you read that right.

Up to 3 courses for under £35.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d say that’s a bargain!


Let me give you an example. Wedgwood.

Award-winning restaurant on the Canongate in Edinburgh serves a lunch menu from 12-3pm.

You walk into this unassuming building and are met by the wonderfully friendly staff.

The modern decor suits the plating of the delectable dishes coming from the kitchen.

Combining Scottish and European cuisine ensures your taste buds are given a delightful dance.

Price? For two courses you pay £27.50.

Sweet tooth?

Then three takes you up to £32.50.

Wedgewood also offers a takeout menu.

The Witchery

A predilection for opulence and history?

Well, one of Scotland’s most famous restaurants The Witchery is just for you.

Be warned: pre-booking is an absolute must. In the shadow of the castle, you couldn’t get a more enchanting setting for such a glorious eatery.

And let me tell you, simply walking into this building with its sumptuous velvets, the dark corners where secrets are hidden, and the wood where the stories of the past simply ooze out, you know that you’ve just hit luxury and mystery at its best.

Set table at the gothic Secret Garden room in The Witchery restaurant in Edinburgh

Yet lunch is served from 12pm until 5.30pm, and two courses in this little piece of heaven will only cost £35.

Can I hear a gasp of disbelief?

Get booking, folks!

The Witchery By The Castle also appears in my guide on the best places to stay in Edinburgh.

The Witchery By The Castle Food Accommodation Hotel Old Town Edinburgh

Chez Jules, 3 Courses Under £13

If these are just a little too much for the other half’s wallet, don’t despair.

I have one more trick up my sleeve: a little piece of Parisian heaven in Hanover Street.

Chez Jules is my go-to when I’m trying to impress the banker, and yes, it always works.

Serving lunch from 12pm – 4pm, you walk into this French bistro thinking that you’ve just stepped straight over to somewhere else in Europe.

You’re seated and brought bread, olives and salami – on the house.

The water is on the table – ready for you.

You’re brought the menu, written on a blackboard and the choice of 3 different items for the 3 courses.

You order, the chat, and the atmosphere is cosy.

However, let’s get to the nitty-gritty: how much will you be out of pocket?

The three courses will cost you £12.90, with one course only totally £8.90.

No, that’s not a mistake, under a tenner!

Chez Jules and The Witchery also made it to our most romantic restaurant guide. Read it here.

Final thoughts

So, when you see this Real Housewife of Fife living it up on Instagram and enjoying three-course meals in these name-dropping restaurants, remember that you can, too.

Edinburgh is full of amazing bargains if you put in a little effort and have a look around.

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About the author: Hi, I am Ruth. A Highlander living in Fife longing for the mountains of home but I can’t give up the delights of the big city!

4 thoughts on “Affordable Fine Dining Edinburgh – 3 courses under £35

  1. Brenda Campbell says:

    Me and 5 family members are coming for 1day on 21st August to the Tattoo and I’m looking for a lovely restaurant that might do early bird menu to eat say 6.30 Witchery looks good but any suggestions would be welcome must be good food but lovely interior too Thank you

  2. Alison Gilmour says:

    I’m looking for somewhere for dinner with the family 11 adults and 3 children to celebrate my up coming 70th birthday

    • Everything Edinburgh says:

      Hi Alison, I had a lovely meal at Howie’s, and there were many families dining around us. Wishing you a happy birthday!

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