10 Spots To See Cherry Blossom Trees in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle and cherry blossoms in Edinbrugh

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Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Edinburgh

As winter officially turns to spring, fluffy pink clouds fill our parks and create the perfect photo frame for Edinburgh’s landmarks. We’ve pulled together this guide on where to find cherry blossoms in Edinburgh with locations reaching all edges of the city. These Japanese beauties spring up in parks, gardens and at the side of the road but you have to get the timing right or you will miss them!

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Cherry Blossom Trees in Edinburgh’s City Centre  

Princes Street Gardens 

Rows of cherry blossom trees line the edges of the gardens and sprawl onto Princes Street.

The trees make an ideal frame for photographing Edinburgh Castle.

These are often the first of the city centre trees to blossom and it’s a pretty explosion!

Edinburgh Castle on cliff framed by cherry blossom in spring

You can also get a nice shot from Princes Street itself which allows the castle, gardens and benches into the frame.

You can read more about Princes Street Gardens in our dedicated guide.

Edinburgh Castle on cliff with rows of cherry blossoms trees and benches underneath

Edinburgh Castle is not the only attraction framed by the pink flowers!

New College on The Mound can also be spotted nestled through the twigs. How Harry Potter-esque, eh?

New College pointy buildings on The Mound framed by cherry blossoms in Edinburgh

St Andrew Square

Blossoms at this New Town square take over a corner of the garden with light pink flowers that resemble puffs of fluff.

The 150-foot Melville Monument and buildings around the square by North St David street side can be framed by the blossoms.

St Andrews Square Cherry Blossom Tree Garden

Old Town Cherry Blossom Locations

Cockburn Street

A quiet Cockburn Street snapped through the cherry blossoms at Princes Street Gardens.

Cherry Blossom Cockburn Street

Canongate Kirk

On the Royal Mile just outside of the Canongate Kirk, you will find two cherry blossoms framing the 17th-century church.

Canongate Kirk From Royal Mile

You’ll also see the Scottish poet, Robert Ferguson, checking out the cherry blossoms.

Stoned, or bronzed, by their beauty.

Shot by @nat_tha_nit.

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Southside Locations

The Meadows

The second most popular photography spot for the cherry blossoms has to be the tree arch in The Meadows. 

However, they are pretty difficult to photograph!

Some of the trees that make up the part of the cherry blossom tunnel look like they’ve had a banging night out down the Grassmarket.

This can be rectified by using the portrait mode on your phone and making a person or dog the focal point around the dreamy, blurred pink background.

Meadows Park Cherry Blossom Gemma pink hat

There are two popular tunnels to choose from, Coronation Walk is one of them and you can get the nice shot of contrasting green sign.

Cherry blossom tunnel on Coronation Walk Meadows Park Edinburgh

Photographers, the cherry blossoms in the Meadows are a very busy photo spot so arrive early if you prefer a crowd-free shot.

Cherry blossom arch and concrete path at The Meadows in Edinburgh

The Meadows Arches are one of the last to bloom. Below is a comparison from mid-April and the end of the month.

There’s a very special cherry blossom tree in the Meadows dedicated to the 70s band The Bay City Rollers.

The tree was donated by an American businessman called Paul Malouf on behalf of his wife, Yoshiko Malouf, who is a long-time Bay City Rollers fan!

Rollermania lives on.

Adam Street, Close to George Square

We think! Tell us if we’re wrong.

Thanks for the capture @steven.ballantine. Cute dogs!

Deaconess Garden

Deaconess Garden is a lesser-know garden in the south side of the city.

Deaconess Gardens gate sign and park with pink cherry blossom tree

Located at the Pleasance, the cherry blossoms cover Greyfriars Charteris Centre.

Behind the building, you will see Salisbury Crags too.

This spot is not far from South Bridge and the Royal Mile.

Building popping up from pink cherry blossoms with Arthur's Seat hill in background at Deaoness Gardens

Leith & Surrounding Areas Cherry Blossoms

Starbank Park

One of my favourite parks in Edinburgh is in bloom and used as a filming location for BBC Scotland skit!

Love this artwork piece by @alicemelvin.

Read our guide to Starbank Park.

Easter Road 

London Road Church covered in cherry blossoms.

Colourful image by @beirutonboard.

Carlton Terrace

Cherry blossoms over the mews.

Captured by @dickins_edinburgh. 

Tattu, Edinburgh

If you miss the season, step into Tattu (18 W Register Street), the Chinese restaurant with a cherry blossom explosion. 

Try the cherry pudding for a smoking surpise.

When Is the Best Time To Find The Cherry Blossom Trees In Edinburgh?

The cherry blossoms have been known to start blooming around the start of April (2021) and have also been photographed around the 20th (2020, 2019) and the end of April (2022).

If there is a high wind forecast this will reduce your chances of seeing them.

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