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Plan a trip in Edinburgh with these helpful tips and first timer advice.

Free 7 Days in Scotland Itinerary: Route & Advice

7 Days in Scotland Itinerary

Scotland is one of the most sought-after destinations for international visitors and over the past couple of years, the staycation craze has meant the number of UK visitors has grown incredibly. However, choosing that perfect 7-day Scotland itinerary for your trip is a minefield.  With so many beautiful places to visit, so many people chipping in […]

How Much Does Visiting Edinburgh Cost?


Is Edinburgh expensive? Can you visit Edinburgh on a budget? When is the best time to visit Edinburgh? Questions we hear often by Scotland fans planning a trip to Edinburgh. This guide details how much a visit to Edinburgh costs and includes transport fares, accommodation options, food and drink costs and activity ticket prices. We’ve […]

Best Time To Visit Edinburgh Explained

Ross Fountain Princes Street Garden Summer Castle Edinburgh

There is no bad season for an Edinburgh break but depending on your travel budget, style and reason for visiting there may be specific times of the year that suit you best! This guide to the best time to visit Edinburgh will discuss what’s happening in Scotland’s capital each month, the expected temperatures and outline […]

Planning A Trip To Edinburgh, Scotland

Camera Obscura Edinburgh Castle Ramsay Garden

Planning a trip to Edinburgh? This very detailed guide goes over all of the essential Edinburgh travel information you need to enjoy a stopover, weekend break or an extended trip to Scotland and its capital, Edinburgh. Each section delves into Scotland travel tips including transport, accommodation, activities, tours, where to dine, what to pack, etiquette, […]

The Perfect Edinburgh Packing List – We Live in Scotland

Victoria Street Gemma Yellow Coat Rain Camera Edinburgh Packing List

Looking for the ideal Edinburgh packing list and wondering what to pack for the city that experiences four seasons in one day? This guide takes you through each season and details exactly what to plan for all occasions and events including dining out, casual pub drinks, day hikes and visiting attractions. Why trust us? We […]

Things to do in Edinburgh in Spring: Nature, Hikes & Rainy Day Activities

Gemma among the pink cherry blossom trees at the Meadows Park in Edinburgh

There’s no bad time to visit Edinburgh but April and May can be a delight if you prepare your packing list* for all four seasons!  Scotland has woken from its winter slumber, meaning that days are longer, flowers bloom, cherry blossoms explode and the city celebrates Easter traditions and holidays.  This guide details the best […]

Romantic Places to Propose in Edinburgh & Local Advice

Romantic Places in Edinburgh to Propose in Edinburgh

Planning to pop the question and looking for places to propose in Edinburgh? This guide details not only the most romantic locations but also which sites work best for each season. Most Romantic Places in Edinburgh to Propose in Edinburgh Old Town 1. Edinburgh Castle Looking for iconic? Check out Edinburgh Castle’s Esplanade. The views […]

Edinburgh to Edinburgh Airport: Bus, Train, Tram, Taxi, Transfer & Car Rental

Edinburgh to Edinburgh Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Trainsport.

Planning on flying into Edinburgh Airport or have you just enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Scotland and you are due to depart from Edinburgh Airport? Getting to Edinburgh city centre from the airport or vice versa has never been easier. The choice of travel is down to you and your budget. This guide will help […]